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"Shees amazing"
Abby is awesome as always. She always gets pied and dunked like a pro. shes amazing.

T-1000 29 days ago
"It Might Only Be 252 Mins..."
It might only be 252 minutes long but it was more than long enough ;-) I dare you to last any longer...

MudMadMan 3/4/23
"What mud was made for..."
As a mud lover this one really hits the spot. I love the fuller figure and fully-clothed mud play. Your top look amazing with a thin veneer of glossy mud and as for leather skirts being worn too? Yes please. Loved it.

MudMadMan 2/16/23
"Love to watch hot curvy girls in wet clothes"
Darkabyss looks great in this outfit, and even better when she gets it soaking wet. She makes sure to give the camera plenty of views both front and back, and the view from behind is stellar.

sauceboss 10/16/22
"Fans will have their heart racing in no time!"
If I was living alone & didn't care about messing up my room--I'd pour oil down my pants over my stiff erect penis after watching this. I swear Darkabyss almost had me cuming in my pants with out even touching myself! Those longing to see this beautiful woman completely in the nude need not look further! The scene starts off with her lying on her back in her sexy panties and bra. Her huge size D breasts are spilling over her sides as her bra can barely keep them in. She starts pouring oil over her milky smooth body and proceeds to remove her top allowing her beautiful large full breasts to spill out. Once her chest gets the oil treatment--it's time for her luscious pussy to get some too. She pulls her panties down to her ankles and uses her pretty bare feet to kick them over her head. Once she's all oiled up she masturbates to a powerful orgasm using her favorite little tool. I could only imagine what it be like to lay on top of that hot oily body. Now--if only she had turned around and showed us off that beautiful ass of hers! Maybe next time :) xoxo.

muddyfeet 6/26/22
"Well worth the wait!"
Wow! We finally get to see Darkabyss' beautiful double D breasts in the flesh, natural with nothing on them before getting gunged and slimed. The scene starts off with her showing off her luscious body and curves as she shows off her bare feet stepping into a tub filled about 1/4 of the way with gunge. She is wearing nothing but panties--hopefully some day we'll have a chance to see her rocking body completely nude! After playing around in the slime with her bare legs she begins to pie herself on the face and rub the cream all over her beautiful face, hair and awesome breasts! One can bring themselves to an explosive orgasm as they masturbate fantasizing about joining Darkabyss nude in her tub full of gunge and creamy mess! Lastly she pours a bucket of melted chocolate over her head and continues to frolic and enjoy her naughty mess in her tub!

muddyfeet 4/25/22
"Orgasmic body and very sexy curves"
Darkabyss is a seriously sexy woman! She gets in the tub showing off her bare legs with only a sheer, tight, clingy night dress on. Her awesome double d breasts are clearly visible through the thin white fabric. This alone was enough to have me pre ejaculating in my pants! Then she gracefully sits in the warm tub as the soft cotton material soaks up the water. Her breasts and nipples are very obvious and clear. She gets her hair wet and gracefully shampoos it. After rinsing it off we see her lift her left sexy leg and cover it in shaving cream as she shaves it. Her leg and bare foot are very sexy, then comes the right leg. As she lifts it up we get quick glimpses of her pussy area as she is wearing no panties; so sexy! We are treated to nice leg and bare foot shots in this scene. One can easily masturbate to a nice warm orgasm just thinking of being in the tub with this princess!

muddyfeet 4/1/22
"Just perfect"
A beautiful woman, a very sexy dress and lot's of slime. It can't get any better than this! She gets very messy and gets wet after that to get clean.

DutchWamandLeatherLover 3/7/22
"A nice scene for the price"
We get to see the lovely Darkabyss standing in the nude in her shower. Sadly, the camera is above her beautiful breasts and we only see her lovely face and upper chest. We are treated to her lovely underarms as she raises two buckets of slime and pours them over her lovely head and face. Her skin glistens once she wipes away the gunge from her face and those lovely double D breasts. One can leave what lies below the camera and easily bring them selves to a climatic orgasm thinking about Darkabyss and her naughty fun! Who knows? Some day we might just get our wish and see this stunning model completely topless covered in mess! :)

muddyfeet 1/27/22
"DarkAbyss is great."
DarkAbyss is hot, and I have enjoyed watching her video previews, so I both felt I owed her buying some things, and I hoped additional video sales would keep new content appearing. I also grabbed the peanut butter shampoo one (more because it has good views of her lovely face than because I like peanut butter shampoo) and another short pie one.

Her outfit in this is great! I wish she camera did some closeups of her face and hair before the pies. Also, keeping the camera on while she wipes a bit off with her hands so there's just a thin layer of pie would be awesome.

Myds 1/7/22
"Orgasmic body and naked mess"
And a great sloppy messy pants filling it is! Darkabyss is a very beautiful and natural woman! She has great appealing curves and fills out her pants very well! She tapes the bottom of her pant legs to hold the gunge and mess in as she begins to poor the mess down her front and beautiful back side. Once she is completely trashed and gunged she strips down to her bra and panties, and let me tell you what a site it is. Her cleavage is so enticing as her bra can barely keep her beautiful, full, natural breasts in. Her hips and stomach, and bare legs look so amazing covered in all her mess. In the future I hope she considers doing some topless or nude scenes as I'm certain her body will impress all who see it!

muddyfeet 12/17/21
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